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In October 2022, MUSES Principal Investigator participated in the 18 th Panhellenic
Conference on Psychological Research. The presentation was entitled: ”I offer to the
society, therefore I exist and create: Exploring the scope of the relationship between
positive social impact, creativity and well-being in the workplace”
Abstract: Extensive research during recent years recognizes that positive impact to
society is linked to expanded and enriched meaning and well-being in life (Martela&
Steger, 2022). Less emphasis, however, has been placed on how our beliefs of our
positive impact as employees relate to how intrinsically motivated, engaged and
creative we are at work. The purpose of the presentation is to summarize the results

of four (4) relevant research (cross sectional (2), diary research, experimental
research) that have been conducted in Greece and Canada, in different settings
(e.g., artists, volunteers, young entrepreneurs, teachers) and have taken place
within the framework of the MUSES (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions) research
project. Findings provide evidence for the positive relationship between a sense of
“delivering the common good” through my work and positive outcomes for
employees (e.g., meaning, engagement, creativity, resilience) and organizations
(e.g., innovative work behavior, positive organizational behavior). In the research,
mediating variables such as basic needs’ satisfaction (Ryan & Hawley, 2017) and
autonomous motivation are studied. Moreover, it has been shown that affective
commitment with our work’s  beneficiaries seems to be the strongest predictive
factor for creativity and well-being in the field of work. Finally, practical applications
and future research are suggested.

For more information see here: Conference Programme (in greek) p. 38

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