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Orlando, FL, USA

Between May 31st and June 3rd 2023, the 8th International Self-Determination Theory Conference was held in Orlando, FL. focusing on the subject of  expanding the horizons of Self-Determination Theory. 


Dr Konstantinos Papachristopoulos in collaboration with Jacques Forest, Scientific Supervisor from UQAM presented two papers. The first one, presented in the frame of “Theory & Methods” topic, has been entitled What are my doing for (their) living:” Basic needs satisfaction, benevolence and creativity in different work contexts”. The presentation summarized the results of four researches (cross sectional, diary research, experimental research) that have been conducted in Greece and Canada, in different settings (e.g., artists, volunteers, young entrepreneurs, teachers) within the framework of the MUSES GA 101028279 (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions) research project. Findings provide evidence for the positive relationship between a sense of “delivering the common good” through my work and positive outcomes for employees (e.g., meaning, engagement, creativity,resilience) and organizations (e.g., innovative work behavior, positive organizational behavior).


Moreover, in “Work & Organisations” frame, both researchers presented the paper entitled, “A real-life test of a motivational model of compensation based on self-determination theory: The relative motivational power of need-support, pay instrumentality as well as informative and controlling aspects of rewards”. In regard with pay in work organisations, self-determination theory states that it can have an impact if it influences psychological need satisfaction and frustration. Researchers have tested different variables (i.e., bonuses, justice, meaning of money, etc.), including the functional meaning of rewards and its impact through informative and controlling rewards and the test results have been most interesting.


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